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Our Team

Dr. Cécile Fradin

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  During my Physics degree, a research internship spent playing with liquid crystals under the supervision of Dr. Pat Cladis at Bell Labs sparked off a love for research and soft materials. This led to a PhD at the CEA (Saclay, France), during which I used x-ray diffraction to study the fluctuations of liquid interfaces. During that time, I developed an interest for the life sciences, and went to work with Dr. Michael Elbaum (Weizmann Institute) to learn about intracellular transport.

   Since starting as a PI at McMaster in 2001, my group has been working on different projects involving protein and cell dynamics. I have always been fascinated by light, and its interaction with matter, so I really love that most of our research is somehow related to light and fluorescence.

  I have a partner and two kids (plus a cat) - taking care of them is my second full time job. I like reading and music, and try to keep sane by llearning how to play the violin.

Lifelong learning, and interacting with students, are the two things I enjoy the most in my job.

Current lab members


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Dr. Martin Kurylowicz, 2012-2013

Featured publication: The Proapoptotic Protein tBid Forms Both Superficially Bound and Membrane-Inserted Oligomers

Current position: Sales Associates, Gamble Technologies Limited (GTL)

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Dr. Ouided Friaa, 2009-2012

Featured publication: Optimizing the acquisition and analysis of confocal images for  single mobile particle detection

Current position: Innovation Strategy Consultant, France

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Dr. Dusan Vobornik, 2008

Featured publication: FCS  with sub-diffraction-limited resolution using near-field optical probes

Current position: Lab Manager, Canadian Bank Note Ltd.

    Dr. Chen Chen, 2007-2008                                                                                         

    Featured publication: Multiple quantum well AlGaAs nanowires

    Current position: Unknown

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    Corrie Griffiths, 2005-2009

    Featured publication: Interaction of the full-length Bax protein with biomimetic mitochondrial liposomes

    Current position: Quality Assurance Manager, Baxter International


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    Lili Zhang, 2021

    Thesis: Concentration and dynamics of two early fly embryo morphogens, Bicoid and Capicua, explored by FCS

    Current position: Data Analyst, WinnerMax Capital Inc., Toronto

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    Carmina Perez-Romero, 2019
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    Aisha Shamas-Din, 2014

      Dmitri Satsoura, 2010                                                        

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      Marie-Josée Colbert, 2010

      Thesis: A novel approach to measurement of the adhesion strength of a single cell on a substrate

      Current position: Project Coordinator, Université de Sherbrooke

        Felix Wong, 2010
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        Asmahan Abu-Arish, 2009

        Thesis: Spatial Distribution and Mobility of the Ran and the Bicoid proteins in Live Systems

        Current position: Assistant Professor, University of Saskatchewan

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        Daniel Banks, 2007

        Thesis: Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy Studies Characterizing Diffusion and Photophysical Properties of Proteins​

        Current position: Founder, Alumni Analyzer & Senior Advisors, Neutrons Canada


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        Liu Yu 2020

        Thesis: Experimental Determination of the Four Principal Drag Coefficients of M. magneticum AMB-1 cells

        Current position: Ph.D. student, University of Toronto

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        Lucas Le Nagard, 2018

        Thesis: Formation and positioning of the magnetosome chain in M. Magneticum AMB-1

        Current position: Post-doctoral Research Associate, University of Edinburgh

          Kelly Cathcart, 2014                                                                                                                

          Thesis: The Effect of Cholesterol on a Five Component Mitochondria-Like Membrane

          Current position: Amazing mother of three adorable kids

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          Nehad Hirmiz, 2014

            Amit Patel, 2013                                                                                    
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            Charmaine Tressler, 2013

            Thesis: Characterization and Alignment of the STED Doughnut Using Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy

            Current position: Analytics implementation specialist, Procore Technologies 

              Sanjeevan Shivakumar, 2012                                                                               

                Shyemaa Shehata, 2010                                                                                                   

                Thesis: The Dynamics and Toxicity of Quantum Dots in the Caenorhabditis Elegans Embryo

                Current position: Nurse practitioner, New York

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