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Morphogen gradients

Morphogens are molecules who form concentration or activity gradients in embryos and developing tissues and affect gene expression in a concentration or activity-dependent manner. We are interested in the morphogens found in the very early fly embryo, which are proteins acting as transcription factors.

What are morphogens?


How are morphogen gradients formed?


How can we image morphogens?


What kind of questions are addressed in the lab?



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  • Porcher, A., Abu-Arish, A., Huart, S., Roelens, B., Fradin C., Dostatni, N. (2010). The time to measure positional information: maternal Hunchback is required for the synchrony of the Bicoid transcriptional response at the onset of zygotic transcription. Development, 137(16), 2795-2804. doi:10.1242/dev.051300 [Read]

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